Peace of Mind 

We become entirely different people when we evolve through life. There’s always that ever-present growth that we either experience or decide to ignore. 

Through a series of good and bad days, we learn that we’ve become better than  we were a while ago. It’s unnecessary to keep count of how sad our days have been and how much pain we have faced or caused others as a result of our excesses. 

The most interesting and healing aspect in life is  that moment of self forgiveness and reconciliation. This has nothing to do with moral or religious inclinations. It only tries to border on what is right and what’s not. 

There’s no comparison as to how much more we would have achieved assuming we did not make the mistakes we made. These thoughts only haunt  us and leave us  in the past. 

I believe so much that we need not stick to what we think is righteous in our different religious spheres and start to look inward. When we decide to forgive ourselves, we’ll understand how much more we need to reconsider with others and understand their views. 


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