Amidst the constant uncertainties we experience, there’s always that glimmer of hope. That “maybe I can actually do this thing” spirit. What crushes man is not necessarily what kills his friends or family. What really crushes a soul is when hope is taken from it.

Our constant struggle, our pursuit, our self-possessed ambition is all burdened on that little glimmer that shines and tells us to actually “do more”. We smile for no reason because there’s a reason to smile. Somewhere deep in our hearts we find  solace in the joy of things to come, in possibilities.

When journeying on our different paths in life, it is always necessary to understand that murder is a lesser crime than taking hope from a fellow yearning soul. You kill a man’s soul and leave his body in existence.

This crime is often the result of the things we say to and about our fellows. We feel privileged than others and say ill things to those we consider lesser than us and then without effort convince our consciences to take a false form of self righteousness and then go about our lives without the knowledge that we have just taken a life.

The fear I have is that ability we have to take the form of self righteousness and convince ourselves that we have not wronged a person just because they are lesser than us to our own understanding. Such an ill has succeeded in ruining the little life left our society, thereby making us all “self absorbed”  machines that just say things that we think we’re supposed to say given the circumstance,  not minding who or what we hurt or “murder”. Listen to your self.



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